Reiki Opening and Balancing Mist



Helps Focus to Create a More Intense Session


Reiki Opening and Balancing Mist

The Reiki Opening and Balancing Mist is designed to open the recipient and help the Reiki Master focus more deeply to create a more intense session. Contains Cypress, Frankincense, Lavender, Clary Sage, Cedar & Orange Essential Oils.

We use only the finest, strongest pure essential oils we can find. We purchase literally from around the world. Every oil is assessed with each new crop to assure that you can not find a better essential oil anywhere. This can be used as an after shower freshener,  before bed soother, or anytime.  You can also use them as a room spray. The base of the mist is a perfume grade alcohol (SDA 39C).

We offer this product in a 2 oz. bottle for your massage business or personal use.

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