Freeze Plus



Muscle Pain Relief without the Pungent Odor or the Artificial Green Coloring



Freeze Plus

Freeze Plus can be used for muscle pain. If you like BioFreeze for muscle pain, you’ll love our product. The biggest difference it that our product is minus the pungent odor and artificial green coloring that the BioFreeze possesses. This product contains Menthol, Camphor, Peppermint Essential Oil and Green Tea Extract.

We use only the finest, strongest pure essential oils we can find. We purchase literally from around the world. Every oil is assessed with each new crop to assure that you can not find a better essential oil anywhere.

You can choose between an 8 oz. pump bottle or a .33 oz roll-on. Either way you will enjoy the relief from muscle pain. Each container costs you $12.00. You’ll really love the price too!

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