Experience a soft version of Hot Stone Massage with soft heated pads gliding over your body. Thermal Palms Massage allow comfort and ease of movement around bony structures, joints and sore areas. Heat relieves stress and the pain relief catapults clients into deep relaxation. The body goes into a parasympathetic mode of rest and recovery” or relaxation responses. Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system decreases your heartbeat, relaxes your blood vessels and your muscles thus allowing blood to bring nutrients and carry waste away from your cells. The waste carried away from the cells in the bloodstream will be eliminated from the body through the filtration of the liver.

Drinking water after a session is recommended to aid in waste removal. Wow, what a way to deal with old nagging injuries, injured tissue releases tension allowing improved blood flow which aids in the healing process.

Clients love this powerful heated therapeutic massage that penetrates deep into the muscles tissue melting away stress and tension. One of the best massages on the planet.

Hands of Choice Massage & Wellness, LLC
Brenda Wakefield, MS, LMT, MTI, CEP