Feel better with a foot bath like no other. Sit back, relax and let the process take place while the ion foot bath cleanse, balance and enhances the bio-energy, the vital energy force present in the breath of bodily fluids. Focus on the beauty from within since cleansing is a sign of good health it is wonderful to have a cleanse so gentle and simple.

I have incredible results with clients and personally have increased my overall health and energy level.
As a massage therapist incorporating this foot bath with other bodywork enhances the ability of the body to receive and maintain the work. Giving my clients as well as myself a safe option to detox is added benefits that truly the body appreciates.

See for yourself–pictures don’t lie

Detox BeforeBefore using

Detox 15 minutes after15 minutes after using

Detox 30 minutes after30 minutes after using

Hands of Choice Massage & Wellness, LLC
Brenda Wakefield, MS, LMT, MTI, CEP